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It's Not Poetry... The Natural Hair Spot
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Natural Hair Resources and Tips

Everybody sing together:
Nappy hair is good hair.
Nappy hair is good hair.
It don't have to be straight
to get a stare.

Now don't you feel better?

I love my natural hair. I love locks, twist, braids, and fros. No disrespect to the permed sisters, but natural is my thang! There's a natural hair explosion going on and I'm enjoying it!!!


Nappyhair - This site has personal hair stories, grooming tips, and salon information.

Hair web - If your looking for a hair style. This is the place! It has a large database of styles for natural or chemically treated hair.

Good Hair - A site that has lots of hairstyles and articles.

Natural Hair - This site focuses on a hair show. I've never been, but they have nice hairstyles in their gallery.

Nappy Hair Affair - THE Nappy Community


1. A wide tooth comb and a pick are your friends.
2. Comb twists, two strand twists, and bantu knots
are nice alternative styles.
3. Always comb your hair from the ends and working up.
4. Creme Conditions and light hair oils work well on
natural hair.
5. Natural hair thrives on water, don't be afraid to use
it everyday

Standard disclaimer: I am not a beautician, these tips are based on personal experience. Use with your own discretion.

Polish Online - Lots of dreadlocks!

Kinks R Us - Lots of Links and Lots of Tips

Natural Hair Styles - Beautiful Naturals

African Hair - All about black hair