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The State of Children Today 5/12/01


I was browsing the message board and I came across a topic that horrified me. As a child, my mother warned me about certain girls. Little girls that will do anything for boys. Children who act like your friends and get you to a isolated spot, then they leave. When they leave, a man shows up with sexual intentions.
In junior-high and high school, my mom could pick these girls out. I've also learned to pick out women who pull these tricks and I listen to warnings form my friends who tell me about women who set other women up from disaster.

I wrote a haiku about this topic and it is a current entry in the haiku contest.

After you read the haiku, go to the new story link and read the full story of how two teenage girls assisted a boy in raping another little girl.

It's a sad reminder that young girls and grown women have to be careful and on guard all the time!

The Haiku:


Story of female
hate. Two girls hold down single
child while one boy rapes.

(c) 2001

The Web Link Click Here for the Full Story