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Working Women, Dependent Men, and Judge Judy

When did women start paying for men? This scenerio has become very common:
An educated, professional woman with a decent income
hooks up with a man with no job, low-income, or
in-between jobs. The boyfriend needs a loan to get
a car, pay off bills, or to get on their feet. The
woman loans him the money. There is no written
agreement to pay the money back, only his promise
to pay it back. The couple breaks up and she never
gets her money back. They end up on Judge Judy or
some other court show and the man says it was a gift.

Not only do I see this scene on TV, but I see it in real life. Why do some smart women get stupid when it comes to relationships? When did becoming a Savings and Loan company become part of a relationship. If you are only dating, why are you paying for all the meals, his clothes, and chasing him too?

I know it ain't none of my business if a woman want to wine and dine her man. But, I agree with Judge Judy. These women are stupid! Why would you loan money to man with no income. The bank wouldn't. The check-cashing place probably would. But you know they're collecting that money back with high interest rates.

This is a major pet peeve. Intelligent women with loser men.


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