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What Is Love?
by Shaquista

Love is what attracted me to you, or at least that's what I
thought. Love is what made me stay with you, after all the times we fought. Love is the reason that I can't leave and waste my precious life. Love is really the only reason that I would be your wife. Love is why I cherish your words and
feelings that you show. Love is why I want this to work, but can it, I don't know? Love is when you hold me tight and whisper in my ear. Love is the reason that what I think of you, I have to shed a tear. Love is why I'd give anything
to you, including my heartbeat. Love is the precious moments that we share that make memories so sweet. Love is all the love you give and respect you show to me. Love is why I'll never leave you, this love was meant to be.

by Nneka

Slate-gray clouds know well the bounty which they hold
To freshen earth and man with single drops
Of elements which Creator, in His wisdom,
Placed within the firmament.

Shady limbs outstretched from sinewy masts
Proffer refuge from the glare
Which scorches eyes and flesh beneath green leaves,
Be they dark or fair.

Heaven flashes mystery bolts within its vaults
Resurrecting reverence midst mankind
Of wonders yet unseen
To test the mind.

Midnight freshness breathes upon the land
To cool the endless hours of the day
For now a whisper, soon a tempest fury
Seeking obstacles or worthy prey.

Briny waterways,
Life’s source maintained by distant orb,
Transport, tomb
To explorer and displaced.

Decidedly kept within the palm,
An act of God may set all off,
Or set all right.

But for tonight,
Clouds drift by to hide a quarter moon
Which, footprints left upon its face, reveals another of His acts
A potter’s dream…made in His image.

©1998 Troy Media Productions

Does It Matter?
By Eve Hall

Your skin is different than mine,
Yet, our skin feels like silk.

Your hair is blonde,
My hair is black.

Your lips are small,
My lips are full.

You have broad shoulders,
I have broad hips.

Your heart beats,
My heart skips a beat.

Your love is unconditional,
My love is too.

This poem has been published at Sol Magazine.
Dedicated to all inter-racial relationships.

Distant Lovers
By Eve Hall

You were a stranger to me
A mystery, an enigma
You slowly captured my heart
You touched my heart and soul.

I was no longer alone, afraid,
I no longer felt I needed to protect myself
I surrendered to your loving charms
I could no longer keep my feelings inside.

We are miles apart, yet, I feel your closeness
You are right here in my heart
In my heart is where you will stay
Forever and a day.

Bio for Eve Hall:
I am an African-American published writer and poet, residing in Dayton, Ohio, the home of the great poet, Paul L. Dunbar. I have won several poetry contests, winning 1st-5th places.
I have recited this poem on my local television channel, as well as, at the Hurston/Wright Writer's Workshop this summer, at Howard University. MY favorite poem is by, Maya Angelou entitled, "Phenomenal Woman." This is my aspiration, to be this kind of woman through my writings. One of my goals is to publish some of my children's books.

by Eve Hall
Do we judge a woman by,
the color of her hair?
Or, do we judge a woman by,
the designer clothes she wears?

Do we judge a woman by,
the color of her skin?
Or, do we judge a woman by,
The qualities she has within?

Do we judge a woman by,
the beauty of her face?
Or, do we judge a woman by,
her manners and her grace?

Let's judge the beauty of a woman by,
her kind and loving touch.
The way she cares for her family,
who must love her very much.

Who You Are
By Detrick Sligh

You have invaded my atmosphere repetitively; yet, I have just begun to take notice of your existence.
I glance into your weary eyes..too proud to deny hope..too stubborn to realize the pain that is slowly overtaking you.
Your soft-spoken voice boasts potential in areas that can never be reached by your peers.
What makes your alluring persona so irresistable to my being?
Is it your ability to seek out my wayward thoughts...and never reveal your innermost desires?
Or is it your impending persistence; always drawing comments..yet, never once leaving your audience furious?
As you leave my world once again, I long to entrap you and study your abstract nature.
However, I do not feel worthy of such pleasures at this time.

Evenings are incense-filled and quickly disrupted by the sounds of little shrieking princesses.
Instead of a jacuzzi and worry-free nights, you deal with a quick shower and motherly duties.
Your household is occupied with the most essential necessities.
Your closet doesn't hold many materialistic items by famous designers.
Silent anger makes up for overdue teardrops.
A natural beauty you assistance in beautifying the temple you have worked mercilessly to purify.
Your means of employment denies you of selfish relaxation; its priority is to keep you and yours above society's grasp.

You seem threatened by my soul...all that I am...all that you perceive me to be.
In retaliation, I seek to label vain.
Your mind is alien to me...due to the fact that my past expectations have been diminished.
Nevertheless, you have secretly won my well as my respect.
The path you take is scandalous and proceed with minimal caution.
To be a real woman is arguably the most enduring task ever known to man.
You are a priceless gem, sparkling for all time.
One day, you will dismiss all the negative aspects that have held you down for so long and rise like a newborn phoenix.
When you own the sky , I will be the happiest onlooker in existence.

DLS Style
(All rights reserved)

I Am Words, Hear Me Roar
by Delaney Jones

Since I could remember,
expressions defined me.
Vocabulary spoke for me.
Terminology took me to places
that I could not walk into.
Lexis carried my mind,
soul and spirit into all walks of life.
I am the prose.
I am a representation of the style.
It speaks to me.
It creates and illuminates me.
I am verbal skill.
Hear me flow.

Copyright July 2001

Previous Poems

Love Is Pain
by Raphael Hinton

Here I go again
Opening myself up for the pain
I know it's coming
Like a bird with a clipped wing
Not able to fly away

Love is pain and pain is love
It fuels my body
It drives me insane
Laughing and crying its all the same

I can't go without it , but I will die from it
My heart beats faster
My brain thinks slower
That's the thing keeping me coming back for more
I need to break the cycle of the mad mans dream
Cause love is pain and pain is love
Trapped in this crazy life of ours

Women by Raphael Hinton

Women are God's gift to the earth
The strength of all men
Mother of the holy child

Women should be treated with
respect and loved by all
They are the backbone of the family

Women are beautiful when seen
in the moonlight
They age like a fine wine
They carry the heart beat of the
future within them

Women can make the strongest
man weak
The hardest man cry
Make the weakest man feel special

Women are everything that God
could have imagined
So why do we disrespect our women?

Akintiunde is an avid reader, writer, and researcher of poetic forms. Akintiunde's works have appeared in Expressions Journal and Outstretch Journal.

Why I Love Her

in this of
i love
telling you dream,
i rather testingly
upon an imagined ship sailing upon an imagined ocean
unimagined us
cruising (as it goes)
calmly, smoothly, happily

then when
tried telling me
storm waving overwhelming us
i rather laughingly
our asananchorlove in that ocean
and to unimagining her said:
always will passing over us
these storms anchored are
when to which she replied:
imagine it!
would not a continent
be (more)
shore than this
copyright 2000, Akintiunde


it is quaintly close to
improbable that the distance
between my love and
your heart is unbridgeable;

or that such construction
will with time weaken (the perhaps people
jealous termitelies outside us eating in)
being reduced to hollow splinters

sweet lady, my love would study me
quite the carpentry should your
oakenheart ever consider
there with me, on a moonlit
windsung night, as a
below stream cooldanced over pebbles,
the rhythms of forever ourness

copyright 2000, Akintiunde

A New Day by Nicole Steward

I visit my old heartbreak
Reading poems of yesterday
Of an ache that would never seem to go away
A love I thought would never die
And even then, I had no clue why
I loved him they way I did
It took 3000 miles, 3 years, and an unplanned kid
Before I was finally on my way
I guess I stopped writing about him
Because there was nothing left to say
I had cried all of my words out through my pen
I still don't know what I was thinking then
I guess it's safe to say, I wasn't thinking at all way back when
Like I am thinking today
Today is a new day full of fresh promises and problems
I know now, I will always have difficulty
But I don't need a man to solve them
Today is a day when I run after my goals
It's a little frightening sometimes
Cuz I don't know what the future holds
New love is in bloom like a fresh April shower
But don't quote me on that
Cuz things might change tomorrow
Not to be cold or mean
I just don't have time to be squandering
My precious time and energy
Which could be spent on achieving my dreams
He is a good man
I will give him that
His heart is in the right place
And I really like that
He is not one to cheat or really mess around
And he shows me in every way
He appreciates what he has found
Treats me like a jewel
I will venture to say
But don't quote me on that
I'm just loving him today
It's one thing I've learned in my 29 years
In love there are no guarantees
Either you leave them alone
Or fight through your fears
We always want assurance that love will last
I find the only thing that does is your past
It has the ability to haunt you sometimes
And at the most inconvenient times
So with new love comes new promises and hope
It's nice for a change to have someone there to help me cope
To wrap his arms around me from behind and say something to stimulate my mind
Something that keeps me from feeling so alone
Something to let me know, he's on the same level that I'm on
It's a comfort and a lot different I must say
I knew the real love would show up one day

The Land of Me by Nicole J. Steward

Am I too much woman for you?
Now that my self esteem has begun to heal
Guess I always was, too much that is, but I just didn't know it
Is that the reason you turned a day of spring time and renewal
Into a season of inclement weather and dark thunderclouds
Like a hot steamy Georgia afternoon that starts with hot beautiful sunshine
That gives rise to the dark thunderclouds that descend heavy and menacing

I put up with you, that is the real mystery in a dark chapter of my past
You did everything in your power to level my pride
You took away my magic mirror
I forgot who I was, was sent to be, or could have been

But if I were to be honest with my heart,
I would find that it still longs for you
Only because it has known no one else for quite sometime
But in order for me to even stomach your touch
I would have to be the Her of Yesterday
Not the She of Today who has fought long and hard
To survive in your hostile environment
The world and country that you created -
I was your P.O.W.
Prisoner Of Wrongdoing
To the naked eye, I was physically free
Free to move about within the walls of my confines

Mountains of Manipulation
Country of Control
Desert of deceit
In the Land of Lies

I am now far from its borders
A Refugee of Insecurity
Former Slave of Self sacrifice


Once I am safely out of danger of recapture
I begin again on my own journey, I started before I met you
The scenery is beautiful but some pruning needs to be done
It suffers from neglect, cause I was so into you
But I still enjoy the view

My self-created landscape is much different than that of your hostile world
The sunshine is pure and bright
It holds not contradiction in its light
No foreboding thunderclouds that threaten to drown everything in sight

I take time to relax in my Pastures of Possibilities
My Garden of Good Thoughts holds flowers in every hue:
Lavender Lilacs of Self-Love that perfume the sky
Buds of my Black Beauty curiously bloom in blue
Red Roses of Rhymes that spring up from the earth of my mending soul
Canary Carnations of Confidence struggle to take root and blossom in my soul's
defrosting soil
Pink Petunias of Opportunity are in full bloom, now that I can see what a gift I
was given in losing you.

But there still exists Deserts of Self-doubt that lead to Lakes of Loneliness
But the waters quench the thirst of Pastures of Passion that had long dried up
after you abandoned me.
Yet, I am hopeful they will once again bare Passion's Fruit.

Copyright February 2001