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What makes poetry an art is combining your thoughts with poetic techniques. Using these techniques makes your poetry flow, gives it rhythm and just makes it sound better.


Most good poems consist of these elements in different forms.

Imagery: Imagery is describing a subject in detail. Instead of saying I saw a pretty tree, a poet would write:
I saw a myrtle tree with emerald leaves that graced the sky.

Meter: Poetry and music are close relatives. Poems must have a beat. Whether it's iambic pentameter, free voice, spoken word, poems have an intrinsic beat that can be heard the moment the poem is read.

Are you guilty of writing mediocre, bad, or even horrible poetry? If you are a poet, I'm sure you have. I've written my share of awful poems. But like ny other artist I throw away the garbage and start anew.

Bad poetry has a rich history and there is plenty of it. So here's your chance to read some. Take notes so you won't be guilty of writing it!!

There is a bad poetry explosion!! Click here!!

Here's some Horrible Haikus!!

It Get's Even Worse... Click Here.