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Inside the Mind of...Izms

What goes on inside the mind of Izms? The answer to that question lies in the poetry featured on this page. From music to revolution the words never cease to end.


Yellow sun rises.
Roses blossom into words.
Sunset. At Rest. Blessed.


Words are Beautiful
Freely Given. Sentimental.
Taken Foregranted.



No more Rain
No more Rain in
No more Rain in this
No more Rain in this Cloud.
God's sunshine has come
No more Rain in this Cloud.
Angelic face
Crescent shine
Revealing God's grace.
Diamond eyes light dark skies
Pink ribbons
Color of bubble gum bright light.
Sea of billowy black hair
Round afro puffs,
Bulging onyx raindrops fall.
Gold hoop adorn ears
That hear whispers from heaven.
Baggy, faded blue jeans
Cascade in ripples
Around miniature Nike clad feet.
Serenity like a river
Surrounding pure thoughts.
Serenity like an ocean
Running deep through the mind.
Serenity like
A child running wild.
Serenity peaceful and wild
Serenity like a flower growing wild.


Sistah girl flavor
Savor majestic essence
Build a nation of love