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October Poetry
I must say the submissions I recieved are heartwarming. So... Keep them coming. She Speaks needs original, positive poetry. And if you are a natural sista, send in your poems in praise of your natural glory.

So what are you waiting for, click on the link for the October Edtion of She Speaks...

September 1, 2001:
New Poetry for September... Summer is almost over. (Boo Hoo!) Fall is near. A new season approaches and I have fresh poetry for everyone. I'm updating this page on a regular page. So, if you want to submit your works drop me and e-mail or fill out the form.

"Beautiful Black Women"

cool like the breeze
we take our time
and do things with ease,
scraping and struggling
to make ends meet
often in the face of daily defeat.
Strong like oak trees that
prevail through it all,
Beautiful Black Women
serene and tall.
Rejection and disappointment
often whisper our names,
yet we move forward
without recognition or fame.
We are mules on a mission,
clinging to life
forever beautiful and strong,
defying all stereotypes.

"Cool Evenings"

Cool summer evenings
The "cool down" I call it--
I've come a long way from a hot
My rich brown skin has darkened
from the early morning sun--
But I don't mind because I know the
beauty in being black--
The cool evening breeze
rejuvenates my soul and
makes me long for the
roaring night seas of the
I sit until the evening light darkens
and prepares for its restful sleep--
I pack up my things and call
out to my son to make his
last sand castle, and we
walk slowly home for the

"Proud Black Sister"

I am a Revolutionary!
I hunger change like a fierce
hunting prey at night.
I speak my mind and I don't
hold back.
I wear no mask but
wear the truth like a
proud soldier
fighting for
dying for
his country.
I speak out unafraid of
the consequences
and if my fiery tongue offends
then it's just too bad!
I am Revolutionary
living every day with a vision
of true equality
and total freedom.
I speak out for my beautiful
Black people
because I love them.
I fight for a good cause
because my Blackness is
worth it.
I am a Revolutionary!

My name is Carolyn Hopkins, and I am an English teacher living in Hampton, Virginia. I am a poet and writer who hopes to be able to make a living from my craft someday. I have a B.A. in English from Cal State, Northridge and I am currently working on my M.A. in Education. After I receive my master's in Education, I would like to earn my M.F.A. in Creative Writing. I have a sixteen-year-old son named Christopher.


Is she defined by her nose and lips
broad or straight, full or thin
or could it be her monster hips
which makes her a perfect ten?

Is she known by her famous butt
thick and round, petite and flat?
or could it be her peacock strut
which lets you know she's all that?
however you see her, let me say
that the black woman is well on her way
to becoming phenomenal and it's all good!

Is it by her sassy mouth you define
loud and boasting, humble and meek
or her ability to know a played out line
she tells you when your rap is weak
maybe you see her as low class
or define her as cold and brash
no matter what her complexion and size
she's black and you need to recognize
you don't have a clue you see
the black woman is whatever she wants to be
fearless and strong, she's got it going on!

Is it her unwillingness to back down
which makes you scratch your head and frown?
the black woman is not easily bent
she stands her ground and represents
her skin is not what makes her black
let me define her while you step back
the black woman is...

From midnight black to almost white
nappy or straight, she gets it right
tall or short fat or thin
it doesn't matter, she's loved by men
brown eyes, green eyes, quiet or loud
she gets attention and can draw a crowd

So when you see her give her respect
for she's the best thing you've ever met
she's bold and beautiful, real and precise
she's america's sugar
and africa's spice

by Sandra D. Newton

I am a Woman

I am a woman in this world.
I wonder who I am inside.
I soon will have a job.
And making my own money.
I want a brand new life.
I am a woman in this world.

I pretend to be older than I am.
I feel the need for independence.
I worry I'll be left behind.
I cry I won't make it all the way.
I am a woman in this world.

I understand I am just a girl.
I say live and love everyday.
I dream of a guy to.
Treat me right.
I try to look everrywhere.
I'll hope he'll let me.
Live my life.
I am a woman in this world.

copyright:cynthia (star1984)2001

by star1984

Be sure to visit Cynthia's site at:


July Poetry... The Featured Poet Was Chantel Jones!

She Speaks is a poet's community. Do you have poetry you want posted on this page? Just go to the submit page and enter your poem. You could be the next featured poet!


When I Thought of Peace

when i thought of peace
i thought about
all my unborn seeds walking barefoot and butt naked in fields of popcorn
eating and watching life as it goes by
jumping in, only when they feel like it
and that's all right, that's ok

when i thought of peace
i thought about
badus, hills, holidays
wonders, ellingtons, princes
all bank-head bouncing to some old school beat, some old scratched record beat
and that's all right, that's ok

now that i know of peace
i know that
life ain't what i make of it
its much greater that anything i can accomplish
i just have to go with the flow of things
let my mind and thoughts be free... stay elevated and high
blazing mental joints
its not legal
and that's all right, that's ok
(c) 2000 Chantel Jones

A Haiku

I am a flower
And tired
(c) 2001 Chantel Jones