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Help and Advice for Women Undergoing Chemotherapy

One of the most feared things a cancer patient faces is the loss of hair due to chemotheraphy.  Just the thought of being bald and losing clumps of hair can be scarier than the disease itself.  However, it is good to remember- the hair grows back!!!
Here are some tips to help women losing their hair due to chemo.
1. Try cutting your hair shorter when you start chemo.  It's easier to deal with short hair falling out than longer hair.
2.  Buy a wig before you start treatment.  Find a style that matches your current hairdo.
3.  Be adventures.  Buy a wig that's totally different from your current hairdo.  Go blond, red, black.  Have fun!!
4.  Wear scaves.  Cotton scarves are better for going out.  They don't slip.  Try different knots and ties. 
5.  Wear hats and scarves together for a different look.

When a woman loses her hair, she may feel like her personality is slipping away.  Some people may say "it's just hair".  True, it is just a hair, but hair is what makes a woman.  The loss can indeed be tramatic. 
But remember, whether you have a full head of hair or none at all -- you are still YOU!  You still have your personality and beauty. 
If the hair loss is complete, applying oils to the hair is refreshing and it keeps the scalp healthy.  Sometimes good 'ole Vasoline helps. 
Washing the scalp with a small amount of mild or baby shampoo keeps the scalp is tip top condition.
A final note for all chemo patients...
Keep fighting and keep a positive attitude. 
You can beat cancer and survive the any losses you face. 
The experience will make you stronger and will inspire others!