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I love poetry contests. One of my favorite past times is entering them. Here's some of my poems that I have entered in the past.

(c)2001 All Rights Reserved.

I love!!! And I've been submitting my work to them faithfully every month. This sista needs exposure. Here's my entry for August 2001.

Am I or am I not
Will I or will I not
watermelon rinds
down my throat?

Can I or can I not
out Popeye's fried chicken
for five points?

Is am I or am I not
a cruel joke?

(Find out yourself... visit


Coal faced girl with sable skin
Dark brown eyes / that blend in / with russet lips.
Jet black girl / Bronze tipped / wavy hair. Glowing in

Bronze concealer/ that covers /almond spots
On her face. Matte face / blends in / with plum lips
Midnight/ lady with Africas skin

Complements the

Canary faced girl with creamy skin
Light gray eyes that blend in / with dark, gold broad lips
Yella girl got woolly, cotton hair. Shining in

Light tan foundation / thats gracing freckles
Around her nose. Dewey face / blends in / with raisin colored lips
Fair-skinned lady / with Europes skin.
(c) 2001

I'll Let You Simmer

Betta check ya temp
It's nearing three-oh-eight.
Your shirt is damp,
full of sweat, you perspire
at the thought of
telling the truth.
I got tissue
but I refuse to
let you use it.
I'm gonna let you melt...
wallow in your puddle of deceit
until you come correct.


This is a poem I submitted for the July 2001 contest under my screen name 10cats:


Salmon patties
Deli meat
Lipton tea
is what I
want to swallow

Greasy scents feed
my memory
familiar songs

sung around stoves
full of crumbs
mothers, aunts,
and uncles
yellow cake

on faded plates
at family


The Dark One is My Slave

The dark one is my slave
Thats what the lady on Ricky Lake said.
Because the guests were battling so much
Fussin about the same old tired stuff
We black folks argue about
The Willie Lynch syndrome,
Thats what some people call it

Ya know their lines
That girls cute to be dark,
Hes with her cuz shes light
Not smart.
And they say my boys with good hair
Get the girls.
True Afro-Americans got naps,
Not natural curls

Such harsh words made that woman sad
And I got upset,
Staring at that tube
Hearing that same rhetoric
Knowing theres still some
Some black folks
That feels that way
Even in 2001, even today

So that gentlewoman was compelled
To tell that audience
Something that I never heard
Something I never knew

She said when our people were first emancipated
And we were loosed from slavery
Set free
The light Negroes and the dark Negroes
Would travel in groups
They were all headed north
Searching for a better life with a common goal
And the fair ones, the ones who could pass
Would look out for the dark brothers
When whites would harass them,
Entreating them
Asking them why they kept company with a nigger
To protect their brothers, to keep them from harm
To continue safely, to make their way
The light skins Negroes would simply say,
That dark one used to be my slave


The following poems have been published on the internet

Lori Peterson's poems:
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(This poem was also entered in the contest as Variations on a Sista's Skin)
4. The Spotlight is On Me. (published on in May 2001)
5. Girl's Rape (won June 2001 contest)