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New Poetry!!!!Updated June 2006!!!
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Under Stone

The darkest place a man can see is captured deep inside of me
Never thought that I would be alone for this eternity
Decreped days of honesty have left me begging on my knees
Until I'm cold and rusted to the bone

Thunderstorms and hurricanes wash ashore a peaceful rain
Love for me somehow became the reason why I go insane
Emptiness cannot explain why I'll never be the same
Until I'm old and dusty all alone

Leave me... be alone again, nothing changes in the end
Depression seems to set the trend with every letter that I send
Rise me up so I descend too far away to be your friend
Loneliness will be my second home

Smoke another cigarette and picture you the day we met
Sorrow seems to always get the best of me and my regret
Every day that you forget about the love you should've kept
Buries my existence under stone.
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Black Man
What can I do for you?
Can I kiss your eyelids?
Can I help refuel you?
Or maybe I can ignite the
 pilot light that will
warm your hardened heart
Let me reunite our energies that
 were once torn apart
Can I hold your hand,
rub your shoulders, neck
and back? Let me envelop
you with love and positivity
that will make you
 forget what you lack
Allow me to share with you,
listen to you and learn
from you Black man
Signed, Black woman
your partner
and eternal fan
Dancin' in the Kitchen
hot comb on the stove
radio set on A.M. 1090*
Mama just a cookin?
baby sis getting her hair
greased and corn-rowed
aunties and cousins shuffling
and singing off key
Daddy shakin' his head
and dippin' in pots knowing
ain't no place else he'd rather be
bills pushed to the side and
phone calls seem to stop
laughter is heard and beats
 thump as fingers pop
Dancin' in the kitchen
*radio station in Boston, MA
Needa Mae?s Kitchen
Who's in my kitchen and what are you tryna fix?
Now I just cleaned up someone's last leftover mix
Don't like no dirty kitchen, Don't cook on no nasty stove
If you can't clean up behind yoself don't touch
Nothing nayer pot, fork, spoon nor bowl
This is my house and what goes is what I say
This is my kitchen and it will be kept clean so says I,
Needa Mae
Contact info:
Heather Watkins
56 Seymour St. #1
Roslindale, MA 02131
Heather Watkins is a single mother of 1 residing in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an Emerson College graduate living with a mild form of Muscular Dystrophy. She loves smiling, chocolate and daydreaming. Heather also enjoys listening to music, writing poetry and is previously unpublished.

 **Full Bellies**

Once when the sun did shine
so bright our eyes glowed
like copper pennies,
hector was a pup
fried chicken was
a easy sunday meal,
served with hot rice an
and mamma's own cornbread,
that fed
the six of us,
until our bellies cried no more!!
the rains were welcomed
in summers heat,
blackberries grew wild
yes us,
so sweet,
we were
white of tooth
minty breathed,
detested winters,
yes once,
when we were
very short,
and in awe
of the man in the moon.

What Is Your Claim To Fame?
BY  Francesca Abbey
 Have you found yourself wandering on the super-highway of life,
with no transportation to your destination?
Now lets be precise!
What is your claim to fame, when all you have to your name
is a suitcase of empty promises and doubtful expectations?
What have you done with your life so far? Did you fall in a rut or reach for a
How do you measure your level of success, by the way that you feel or the way
that you dress?
By whose standards, rules, principles or scale, did you succeed or did you fail?
Where do your hopes and dreams really lie, Deep in the ground or high in the
Have you sincerely done your best? Are you content, or are you depressed?
Have you wasted all your youthful years on pointless fears and foolish tears?
How long will you tarry? How long will you wait? What tools do you carry to
alter your fate?
Dont put off todays tasks until tomorrow. Step off with one foot and the other
will follow.
Search your heart for that ray of light that will guide you through your stormy
Whether you journey by air, land or sea, follow that journey to your destiny.
Open your mind and go inside to find the self youve tried to hide.
Of what are you ashamed? How many have you blamed for your situation? Could  it
have been your own creation?
Take  responsibility in your neighborhood. Make sure your role is understood.
How will your story end? Whos in control of your pen?
Who will have the final say and what words will be said
come judgment day over your head at your final breath bed ?
When you reach your final resting place, will you go with grace or hide your
At your final curtain call, will you take a bow or take a fall?
Where do your priorities lie, how you lived or how youll die?
When all is said and done and you know youve paid the cost,
it wont matter if youve wonit wont matter if youve lost
Its never too late to make a clean fresh start. Its never too soon to take a
stance and play a part
in the only life youll ever know for its true you will reap whatever you sow.
Dont squander precious time chasing cheap thrills. Empower  your mind attaining
valuable life skills