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About the Creators of She Speaks...

Thank you for your continued support of She Speaks!  I appreciate all your submissions and enjoyed reading them.  There is a wealth of talent out there!  To all aspiring writers, never give up, keep trying even when others doubt you.
Believe in yourself and others will!

The July / August featured poet is Teresa F.  from Frankfurt Germany.  She is 18 years old and she writes from her heart. 
I chose her as the featured poet to encourage young people to write and express themselves in positive ways. 
"A sweet love melody"
       I see people dancing on a big cottony cloud, but I hear no music, but out of the mist, there he stands, as handsome as ever, and suddenly the dark clouds surrounding me fade away and the sun shines through. The people disappear and now it is just the two of us glazing into each others eyes, as we begin to dance. The music I did not hear before began to play, a melody so soft and sweet, a sound I never heard before.
                                           A love Melody!!!
                                               " One and only Love"
        I seek to find my true, one and only love for I know he is out there somewhere looking for me. I see his sweet smile in my sleep. And what a beautiful smile it is.
        His eyes as blue as the ocean, or as brown as the dessert.
        Where out there is my love? I am searching high and low and still yet no sign of my  love. May we find each other soon for our love can be known.


Progress? by James Parham




Two Sides by Tamara Priest

When I am hanging out with friends I can be
a jungle-green- loud and wild, controlling and
brave, having a good time as if I could do no

But then when I have no friends around me, I
become a marigold- quiet and nice, attentive and

It's as though I have two-sides, one can be loud
and crazy when around friends and family.
But then the other side takes over and I become
quiet, shy, and non-talkative.

"call to peace" by J. Hakim Brown

let every star that lends a spark
of noble gases in contrast
to the dark and timeless night's
bid to resist the fateful decay into day
pale against the ideas of men
with stalwart hearts and lucid dreams

if with one voice
we'll blend our choices into popular wisdoms
then poised against dissenting lips
that spit at freedom's polar opinions
every step we take in unison
will lead to common consequence

so here perhaps is where prophecy
paints its truths into history
and faith gives way to God's appeal
unto the senses of all men
to represent our holy texts
and answer our tearful prayers

may this address not be a dress
for superficial officials
or call to arms those filled with hate
and armed with toxins and missiles
but yet be an appeal to each
for the manifestation of peace.



Loving You by Christina Sola

Knowing you was like a dream,
For evey touch I had to scheme.
Every time I saw you my heart Twirled,
You are the only one for me in this world.
I wanted to tell you how I feel,
And how I hoped all my dreams were real.
I wanted to hear your name,
And stop playing this game.
When you left my world was gone,
And now everything seems so wrong.
I need you touch,
I need to hear your voice so much.
I Will cry all of my tears,
Over you these many years.
It drives me crazy, what should I do?
I'm going crazy loving you.


Sisterhood by Eve Hall

Different sizes, shapes, and colors
yet, we all have some of the same problems.
Male problems, children problems,
mood swings, mental and physical problems,
you name them, we have them.
We comfort each other, get on each other's nerves.
Sistahs assisting Sistahs, who are like us?
You give me your shoulder to cry on,
I give you my helping hands.
You give me advice and strength,
I give you my listening ear.
I give you my love and support,
you give me your friendship.

eve hall 2001

Bio- Eve is a published writer and poet, residing in Dayton, Ohio. She is
getting ready to re-locate to Atlanta.

She has been been publised in several magazines including, "Poet's Cut"
Reflections" "Rainy Day Corners" and Skyline Publications."

One of her goals is to publish her children's picture books. She has
self-published two chapbooks entitled, "Enter Eve's Poetic Paradise" and Enter
Eve's Musing Moments."
Please e-mail her for more information.

Dear Doctor by Molly

I was sick, but you made me better
I have one simple question to add
Did you pass my sickness on to my Dad?
For if you did
I would like to make a small wish or bid
Will you make him better,
after you receive this wonderful letter?

Point Shoes by Molly

I put on my toe pads
Soft as can be
Tie up my laces
This is perfect for me

I begin to stand up and walk around
Jumping high
Off the ground

My teacher tells me what she has found
Me, me a perfect dancer!!!

Morning quietness, Fog Still Lingers by Gary Shaver
Morning quietness, fog still lingers,
The silence, broken only by the singing of waking birds,
And the breeze, making its way through rustling autumn leaves,
Falling in eternal slumber, upon my bed,
A blanket covering, holding me in a sleep
from which I struggle to awake while listening to
the morning quietness, fog still lingers,
and the silence, broken only by the singing of waking birds,
with the breeze, making its way through rustling autumn leaves,
falling in eternal slumber, upon my bed,
a blanket covering which holds me in a sleep,
from which I struggle to awake, while in futility drifting off,
to the Morning quietness, and the fog still lingers.
You by Shanaia Harris
For you are who you are never allow anyone to change you.
If you do then you don't know who you are .
you are the actual lost soul.
For you are unique you can not allow yourself to live a life like someone else.
You have to learn to love and respect yourself becuase no one else will if you
One day you will have to realize that people don't fail you, but you fail
You are dependent and don't depend on others to help you reach your goal in life.
Someday you may make a difference in this world.
For you have to be strong and express all your opinions or feelings.
Plus stand up for every word you preach.
"My Love" by Sara
I barely saw you today,
No word did I say
You are in love with not me,
But I love you, you see
And if one day we'll be together,
Then I will be happy, forever and ever
Until we reach that great day,
I have but one thing to say,
I love you