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The Fear by Ralph W. Staples
The Fear which deceives the heart
To a sinful corruption
Have led mankind a futile conflict
In the combat of stagnation

Earth have lost her pride
Because of mankinds greediness
And lost her dreams desires
The lack of righteousness

They work not to eliminate the fear
But to build on the evil of its power
Where fewer that is wealthy
And the masses thatll suffer

The greed and selfishness of the rich
Is the sword that rules the poor
For the less that the poor man hath
The rich will gather more

Poverty destroys rapidly
The hope and faith of the holy
Since they are forced to follow
In the path of the ungodly

War by Ralph Staples
 Holds no place in peace
No path in its silent hills


How can I help you?

Does that come in any other size?

Come sit by Momma

What time shall I pick you up?

What does a black voice say?

I'll take two

Hold the mayo

Please and thank you

Have you seen the movie?

Someone's at the door

What does a black voice say?

Don't fight with your sister

Do you deliver?

What time is it?

Have you seen my keys?

I read that book

Excuse me please

What does a black voice say?

Two olives please

Can you fit me in?

Do you take checks?

I'll pick you up at ten.

Whose turn is it?

I'm sorry to hear that

What other colors does that come in?

What does a black voice say?

Would you mind holding this for me?

Stand up straight

Call me next week

Get in her now

Dinner's on the stove

Talked to an editor once

Asked her why there are no black faces in her zine

Don't we mop our floors

Make snacks for our children

Take vacations

Mow the lawn


Drink too much at weddings?

Well I don't see anybody that looks like me doing those things

Let's see...

I buy shampoo

Go to parties

Eat, drink and smoke like everybody else

Pay my taxes on time

You want my bucks but you don't want to see my face

Is my face so different?

I use vending machines

I talk on a cell phone

I have a web site

I pay my bills

I get wet in the rain

I burn in the sun

I like birthday presents

and I've been to Disneyland

What about my voice?

What does a black voice say?

I have a black voice.

Is anybody listening?

I'll tell you what a black voice says


Ebony Icons by Robert Jefferson
Its been a long time coming,
but I know a change gon' come
I need change, change what?
If I could change the color black
it would be The Color Purple and
i wont have enough sense to
come out of The Purple Rain
that leaves us in a Purple Haze
I would Lift Every voice,
And sing at the Apollo while
doing the Electric Slide up & down
Lenox avenue. I would see
Boyz N The Hood grow from
Boyz To Men, and become
Men Of Standard.
I would take a ride on
the Underground Railroad
get off on Easy Street, to
Uncle Toms Cabin ask him why
Uncle Remus was unemployed
for so long, and why Aunt Jemima
never got married, or had any children,
was she too busy making pancakes.
I would be Sitting On The
Dock Of The Bay Watching
The Tide bring in the Amistad,
and change Naacp to Jazz up.
It would be so hot there would be
A Fire Next Time, and every thing
will Burn Baby Burn so that
it would be Too Hot To Handle.
Yea we need a change,
I would get happy, and eat
Jim Crow and Little Green Apples
It Dont Rain In Indianapolis in the summertime.
I would be High Siditti, sitting pretty Jump
Over The Broom, and Jump Back Jack to
New Jack City with Jumping Jack Flash while Jack
Jumped Over The Candle Stick, but he
wasnt quick, and he could not
sit down for a long time.
I could change the minimum wage
cause I dont have enough change
to change a dollar bill, but I can
change pockets from yours to mine,
Its been a long time coming but I
know a change gone come.
Yea we need a change
change your mind,
change your habits,
change your tire.
change your attitude
I would change change
if change could be changed