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Breast cancer affects all women. Every woman has a chance of becoming diagnosed. Most people know of a friend or family member with cancer. Here are some links and information to help you or someone else.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail

me at



Frequently Asked Questions
(source: Breast Cancer Resource Directory of NC
2001 edition)

Q.  What is a Mammogram?
A.  A mammogram is a safe, low dose picture x-ray
    picture of the breast.  It is able to show changes
    in the breast before you or your doctor can detect
Q.  Are mammograms effective for younger women?
A.  Mammograms may not be affective for detecting
    lumps in women under age 40 due to the higher
    density of breast tissue in young women,
    it is important that all women do monthly self-  
    breast exams and get clinical exams by their
Q.  How do I do a Self- Exam? 
1.   Visit
to view a detailed breast-exam instructions.
2.  Call 1-800-824-2896 to receive a free instructional video about breast exams.
3.  Call ACS to receive a free pamphlet with specific instructions on self-exams.  Also ask about the shower card. 1-800-ACS-2345

Q.  How do I learn about mammograms?
A.  Visit to view a fact sheet on
Q.  What are the risks of mammograms?
A.  Visit
    to read about the possible risks of the procedure.
Q.  What does a lump feel like?
A.  Visit to read about
    how doctors determine what are normal or
    abnormal breast changes.
Q.  Can women under 40 get breast cancer?
A.  Yes!  It is not as common but is very possible.
Q.  Can men get Breast cancer?
A.  Yes.  It is rare, but possible 

    Visit these sites to learn more:
    John W. Nick Foundation
    Site information:  Foundation for increased
    awareness of male breast cancer. 
    Site information:  has general information about
    signs and symptoms of male breast cancer,
    diagnosis, and treatment.

Q.  Are there web sites for young women, blacks, native americans, Asians or hispanics with breast cancer?
A.  Of Course!!!  Visit these sites below.

Resources for Young women (under 40)
1.  Living Beyond Breast Cancer
   Site information:  addresses post treatment needs
   for women with breat cancer.  It has internet chats,
   newsletters, and call-in help.
2.  Pregnant with cancer
    Site information:  Organization that provides   
    support for wimen who are diagnosed while  
3.  Breast Health 101 for Young Women
   Site information:  A microsite for young
   women about breast cancer.  Written in a
   humorous tone.
4.  Weekly discussions for young women with breast
   Site information:  currently this online chat occurs
   every tuesday from 9:00pm-10:pm est.
5.  Q & A about breat Cancer in Young Women from
the national Alliance of Breast Cancer organizations
  Site information:  Nabco's online fact sheet about
  breast cancer in young women.

African American Resources
1.  Celebrating Life:  African American women speak out about breast cancer.
  Site details:  A site that promotes breast cancer
  awareness for African american women and women
  of color.
2.  Sisters Network, Inc.
Site Details:  National African-American breast cancer survivors  organization that focuses on education, prevention, and emotional support for black women with breast cancer.   
3.  Office of Minority Health-Resource Center
   Site details:  Online resource guide.  You can also
   call 1-800-444-6472 to order a free breast
   cancer resource guide for african american women.

Native American and Hispanic sites
Native C.I.R.C.L.E.

Site Details:  A resource center for Native Americans
The site has links to more Native American resources.
2.  Ayuda Propia Para Mujeres Con El Cancer Del Seno o Del Los Ovarios (SHARE:  Self help for Women with breast or ovarian cancer)
  Site details:  Support services for men, women, and
  children affected by breast or ovarian cancer. 
  Information and support hotlines in Spanish, 
  English and seven other languages.

Asian American Sites
1.  Breast cancer in Asian american and Pacific Islander women:  Myths and Realities.
  Site details:  information written by an Asian-  American breast cancer survivor.

Remember:  Knowledge is power!  Do not let fear keep you from learning!