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About the Creators of She Speaks...

The main focus of She Speaks... has always been poetry. I've been a little off topic with the site for a while, but I wanted to showcase to poets this month. Enjoy!

I recieved this great poem from Margaret Williams. She also included a link to her website, so be sure to check it out.

(to my grandchild, Chardonese, with love)
written 11/21/03 by Margaret I. Williams

These old hands of mine
continuously at work trying to bring about
a brighter tomorrow for us

once reached out to you
encouraging you to take your first step
and tried to stop some of your falls

held your head and busy little body
within their grasp
caressed you
tickled you
secured you
stroked your black, corn-rolled hair

tested the temperature of your baby formula and
fed you
doctored you
wiped the tears from your awesome eyes
dried your runny nose
changed your smelly diapers
powdered and lotioned you
Q-tipped your ever-so-cute ears

and helped you identify your ABCs
work your uncomplicated puzzles
build towers with your leggo blocks
arrange furniture in your dollhouse
and snapped pictures of you
and thumbed thru them a thousand times

these old hands of mine
the tools of my few successes
also wrote articles
fiction novels
and created pastel and oil-painted pictures

so that you, and others, will never, ever forget me,
your grandma

Bio: Margaret I. Williams, Poet and the author of A Conspiracy to Ponder,
gravitated towards the field of writing initially as a means of escape in the
early 1980's. Trying to carve out a niche for herself in the field of writing,
she has a host of published poems and a non-fiction short story to her credit.
Her nonfiction short story entitled "My Past Revisited and Future Uplifted by
James Agee's Masterpiece: A Death In The Family" earned her an Honorable Mention
Award from New Millennium Writings-a Winner of a Golden Press Card Award for
Excellence-in the summer of 2001. She has earned an Associate of Arts degree in
Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts with a
Minor in Human Resource Development with cum laude honors. She is single and
resides in Chicago.


Poems By Aika
Friends in my heart

Looking in my heart and I see

Few lights glittering

Going closer and surprise

The lights are my friends and they smile

They are here to make me shine

They are here so that I am not in the dark

They are here to say: GIRL SMILE

When I have my sad while

You are here to make me rich

You are here, giving me gifts

Your words, thoughts, your smiles

Your being, your kind soul

Without you, my dear friends

I would be lost in this world

I am happy to know you,

My great thanks to you

Just be yourself, please, live and know you are needed

Strange thing

Sitting on the cloud

And looking down

Wondering how this world

Can be small

Looking up

See the stars

Shining moon

And space around how huge

Never ending

Full of surprises


And scary

Known and unexplored

Always unsafe

Just like the world down there

Sitting at pc


Without this strange thing

Called net

The world would be huge and

I would never know you

Fortunately we have that

Strange thing called net

Always unsafe

But the world

Is so small

And thanks to that

Strange net

I know you

My dear friend

And hope our friendship never ends

With you I feel safe

I wish you felt the same way....

Delightful day with only safe thoughts..