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Below are orginal poems form my book:
Why Not Everyday (c)2001

All rights reserved. You may not reproduce poems without express permission from the author.


Cut Kunta's foot / so he wouldn't be free
Couldn't chop off / his dream

Like fish out of water / flop back to the sea
severing / Kintes' foot/ didn't / severe the dream.

Too Many Questions

Does it really matter
To you
That I make
More than you?
If I earn
Less than you
Is that your concern?
Is my age relevant?
Or the number of children
I have at home?

I'll tell you
Where I live.
If I did
Would you give me
A raise
Make my life easier
Or would you run
To tell your friends
How much I make
How much I spend?
Are you the beginning
Of the grapevine
And the end?

Are you keeping score
Of my absentee days
My tardies
My lates
You ask
Too many questions
To make yourself
Look great!