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The March Poets are ON!

By Brittany Lacy

Hating the women
Understanding the man
When will these ladies ever understand
Eyes follow every one of my curves
Women saying I get on their nerves
Looking as if my body were a sin
I'm the envy of the women
Yet I rule the men
I use them all
So your love I cannot keep
And I can't stand a man
Who's rap is weak
Everywhere I go, men ask me my name
Women cand stand that I know
All the rules to the game
I play them against eachother
But they can't see how I work
And the more I work my magic
The more they hurt
I've got the softest skin
The prettiest face
Long enough hair
And a small waist
Who wouldn't want me
If you don't let me know
But please don't consider me
A slut or a ho
I don't sleep around
I'm just a tease
Yet and still I got all the men
Down on their knees
Wanting to be with me
Yet its their loss
I call all the shots
You're the employee
I'm the boss
Women want to tear me to pieces
Yet I stick to my thesis
A word of advice to all women
Please put your men on leashes

They Dance
By Sara Fleishman

It all seemed so detached
my life
as I sat there
the hat that was
my future
upon my head
the music played
floating through my ears
my thoughts
were of Africa
the gentle lull
of the piano
to the rhythmic beat

of the tribes
I could even see
the dust
slowly rising
from the pounding
of their feet.


Porcelain Doll
By Sara Fleischman 
A picture of you
rests in my mind
timid in your femininity
civil you pretend to be
masking your scorn
as you decline his smile
you revoke your emotions
at the faintest glimmer
of a plan
outside your existence
your debut will warrant approval
upon the entrance of
crowded rooms
lacquered with false friendships
you thrive
on adventitious loves.