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Poetry from my book:
Why Not Everyday (c)2001

All rights reserved. You may not reproduce poems without express permission from the author.

Relax... Watch Mallards Fly

There's a small boy / rowing in the river
He's no more than 5
He's got two oars by his side
while he / rows / down the river.

A mallard / flies by / when he goes/ down the river
a majestic bird
with green / and brown / and yellow / feathers
that sparkle when he flies.

Maybe he's not a mallard
(Do mallards fly?)
in a deep blue sky
do they float on clouds?
do clouds transform?
into mallards
when they fly?

A silver haired man
is reclining on the bench
whistling / a tune
singing / with the birds
humming a song

I sing along
(Do you sing along?)
sing with the birds
by watching mallards fly?

Reflections after Reading Classic Slave Narratives

Linda and Frederick and Mary and Vassa
Industrious but whipped for minor offenses.

Tormented by wishing she appeared as a beast.
Thinking that reading brings curses; Fred steadily trying to please

Buckras that gave linens as clothing,
Hiding in cellars; Sleeping in cramped rooms,

Living with vermin and forced to eat
vittles and throw-outs and leftovers.

Resorted to choosing her husband or freedom
Living in England; but wishing for Antigua.

Brent and Douglas and Prince and Vassa
Thrashed and scourged, yet determined to be free.


Rush 2-11-01

From a deep sleep
Crawl out of bed
No I creep
By the door
Turn the alarm off
It's Monday again
The same routine

Once more
I'm out of time
Its 7 AM
And I start work at 8
Gotta 30-minute ride
So breakfast can wait

What do I wear?
Need something clean
So I wont be seen
Or noticed
If I walk in late

Always running out of time (I stayed up too late)
Its great
To live by a fast food store
And have a full gas tank

Can't speed our the door
Im missing a shoe
Can't find my keys
Dont know what to do
Its 7:35
And I start work at 8
Maybe if I drive fast
I wont be late

But speeding is a crime
Changing lanes ain't
Getting out of breath
I can't be late
Rush through the office door
I'm in a rush
That's close enough.