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Back to Nature
So you've decided to go natural. There are many reasons women go natural.
1. To rediscover the beauty of the natural hair.
2. To cure extensive damage caused by relaxers, perms, hot combs.
3. Desire to have a new, unique style.

In my own personal experience, finding ways to care for natural hair is initially difficult. Most beauticians cater to straightened African American hair and hair care products are formulated for this type of hair. But, once you discover what what works with your hair type, the time spent on your will be minimal. Then caring for your hair will be simple and enjoyable.

This article is designed to help women going natural or who want to go natural.

How To Go Natural

The easiest way to go natural is to simply cut out the relaxed part and wear a twa (teeny weeny afro). The relaxer will be gone and so will your hair! But, you will be rid of the chemicals. The key to this hairstyle is getting your hair cut to suit your face. I haven't seen a single black women wear this style and look bad. It is very simple to care for. All you need is a moisturizer and a hairbrush. Confidence is also a key, because ultra short hair shocks some people and you may get some comments, but don't be discouraged. Cultural racism still exists in our society. Some black people are accustomed to seeing black women with long, straight hair. So anything else tends tp raise eyebrows, but don't get discouraged.

If you don't prefer that method, you can try growing it out. The hard part with this method is caring for the new growth. As you get more new growth, the difference between the relaxed hair and natural hair will cause stress to your hair causing it to break.

I tried this method and eventually I had to cut it off because it the breakage was too much. Here are some ways others have tried to minimize breakage.

1.Getting straw sets. This style causes the hair to be curly, so the difference in texture is not so great.
2.Braiding the hair.
3.Wet setting the hair on rollers for a curly hair style.

Product Recommendations

Step away from the grease! Products that are mineral oil or petroleum based are generally not good for black hair. Coarse, tightly curled hair needs moisture and lots of it! Here is a list of products that you may wish to try. I have used some of them. Others have been recommended by friends. I have found from experience it is best to use small amounts of any products. Don't mix too many products together. Such as putting grease, hair gel, pomade, hair spray, and spritz on your hair at the same time to create a style. It will only make your hair dull, dry, and hard.
Also, be realistic with your hair. If you have the hair texture of Angela Davis, there is no styling product that will make your hair curly like Anada Lewis or Kelis. It's going to take a chemical treatment or extensive styling and frustration. Try doing styles that work with your texture. Don't work against it. There is nothing wrong with having undefined curls. Learn how to make your hair soft and moisturized. Now for the product list.

Product List

Nexus Botanoil: This is a very gentle, non drying shampoo. I have used it before and it doesn't strip out the oils from your hair.

LeKair Cholesterol Shampoo: Another very gentle, non drying shampoo. It adds
moisture to your hair.

Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Formula: It's the one in the green and white bottle.
Not only does it moisture. It also detangles. The bottle says no conditioner needed after use. But I use one.

DPL Moisturizing Shampoo: I got this shampoo from a downtown, Korean owned beauty supply store. This is also a very mild shampoo.

KeraCare Hydrating Shampoo: In my opinion, this is the best shampoo. It detangles, moisturizes and it made my hair feel like cotton.

Shampoo Tips: When searching for a shampoo, the key is to find one that moisturizes and detangles. Look for the words like gentle, non-drying, softening. Curly hair is naturally dry and lacks oil, so you need a shampoo that keeps the oils in.


LeKair Cholesterol: Get the orange kind in the large jar. It is like a hair mask. It smoothes the hair and makes it easier to comb. I tried the Cholesterol in the bottle, but it seemed a little bit too thin.

Nexxus Humectress: Excellent product!! It actually holds in moisture. Which is what our hair needs.

KeraCare Humecto: My absolute favorite! The comb glides through my hair after use. I love it!!!

Styling Products

DPL: This product used to be called Back Alive. It works like a gel / curl activator on my hair. When I wore twa, it made my hair look like a slightly texturized it. It gave a nice, non greasy sheen to my hair.

Sta-Sof-Fro: A friend of mine, with the softest fro turned me on to this product and it makes your hair feel like cotton. Spray it on sparingly, because too much will make your hair look greasy.

IC Pure Tea Moisturizer: This product worked good when I did two strand twists, but it didn't soften my hair. The sheen was excellent.

Elasta Recovery Oil Moisturizer: No frizz. This works good on twists-outs (I'll explain them later). It softens well and it holds your style in place

Nexxus Botonoil: You can use it on your face, skin, hair. It is excellent. I used it on my hands and it cured my cracked cuticles. And you only need a drop. You can add a drop to your conditioner or styling products. It will help them work better.

KeraCare Essential Oils: It's better than botonoil!!! A bit pricy but it's worth it!!

Heavy Greases: There is much debate about the use of mineral oil based products. My mother uses them on ny hair and I never had problems. I find using them in moderation in best. Some people use heavy greases and experience no problems and others get no results from them.

Pomades: These products are even heavier than grease and it will only hinder your hair growth. If this type of product is used, it's best to use it sparingly.

Styling Gels and Spritzes: These products are alchol based and tend to be drying. Tightly curled hair is dry by nature, so there's need to make it worse.

My Favorites and Yours:
KeraCare products are my favorites. They work well with my hair texutre. It makes my hair easier to comb and style. KeraCare products may not work for you. The key to styling natural hair is finding the right products for your hair type. It may take a while to find what you like or you might find it right away. But once you find what works, styling your natural hair will be much easier than any chemically induced style.
I've been natural for about two years and I wish I wore my hair like this sooner. My natural hair even feels better than it did with the chemicals. With the relaxer, I experienced breakage and dryness. I don't experience this with my natural hair.
Now, you may have never had problems with relaxers such as breakage and dryness. Infact, your hair may be thick and natural. Going natural is not just about fixing chemical damage. Many women have gone natural because they like the beauty of natural styles.

A Little Pep Talk

A word of encouragement for all the women who are scared to go natural. Everyone looks good with natural hair. I've heard people say "Not eveyone looks right with natural hair". Think about that statement, how can you not look right with your natural hair? If you were born with straight hair - you look right. If you were born with curly hair - you look right. You may hear people tell you natural hair is unprofessional, dirty, or faddish. Don't buy into these myths.
Natural hair is not dirty or unmanageable. If you don't wash or care for it, it WILL look bad. But most of the people I've seen with natural hair have hair that is well groomed and clean. Ignore the cultural racism by folks that know any better and discover the beauty you were born with.


After a while you may get sick of the twa and year to grow it out. Don't be afraid of the bush!!! You might have one when you start growing it, but here's how to work it.

Styles To Try

After a while you may get sick of the twa and year to grow it out. Don't be afraid of the bush!!! You might have one when you start growing it, but here's how to work it.

Comb twists: These are beautiful on twa's that are growing out. You simply twist the hair into small coils all over the head. Your hair texture will determine what type of product you will use. Fine haired people may want to use a light, non-alchol based gel such as Let's Jam to form the twists. Others may use a heavier hairdressing such as KeraCare crme hairdressing or Hawaiin Silky Do Anyway You Want It. I've also heard Carol's Daughter Products are good for twisting.
I don't recommend using bees wax. I have heard it only hold dirt and it is hard to wash out.

Two-Strand Twists: This style is wonderful on all lengths. The same products that work on com twists also work with them. These are formed by taking two strands of hair and twisting it.

Twist-Outs: This style makes the hair look wavey or curly. It works by taking the two strand twists out the hair, but not combing them out.

Free-Style Fro: Do this style by putting Oil Moisturizer or a cream hairdressing on the hair. Corn roll or braid hair the night before. In the morning, finger com the hair or use a pick.


Fancy scarves, hairpins, barrets and head bands give a natural hairstyle class and elegance. Let your imagination and creativity allow you to create an elaborate style.

Natural Help

Fortuantely, there are wonderful websites, books, and magazines out that cater to natural hair. (formely provides hair care tips and styles. This site covers style concerns such as how to care hair that knots on the end, lists of products that make curly hair easier to comb, natural poetry and much more. natural hair care forumn. This forumn provides support and encouragement to women going natural.

No Lye by Tulani Kinard is an excellent book for natural hair care.

The Key To Wearing Natural Hair

Patience. If you wear style like locks or if your are transitioning, you will need that virtue. But the time spent will be worth it. After going natural, I learned how to properly care for my hair on my own.

If you have any product recommendations, style suggestions, or hair care tips, please e-mail at